[MARMAM] Sources Sought for Marine Mammal Monitoring Plans in the Pacific

Rivers, Julie A CIV NAVFAC PAC julie.rivers at navy.mil
Wed Feb 22 18:31:36 PST 2006

RESPONSE. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command-Pacific is conducting
market research to identify interested sources for information and
planning purposes only.  We are seeking qualified and experienced
sources for preparation of a marine species monitoring plan for Navy
Operating Areas (OPAREA) and training ranges in 1) Hawaiian Islands, 2)
Southern California, 3) Gulf of Alaska, 4) Pacific Northwest and 5)
Marianas Islands.  Responses may be provided for any or all of these
five areas.  All qualified and experienced contractors, non-profit
organizations, academic institutions, state and federal agencies are
encouraged to respond. The Hawaii OPAREA covers approximately 745,000
square kilometers, surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands as well as
Kaula and Nihoa.  The OPAREA runs up to the Hawaiian shoreline off
northwestern Hawaii, western Molokai, southwestern Kauai, at three
locations around Oahu, and around the entire island of Kaula.  The
offshore component is extensive, stretching beyond the limits of the
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in three locations.  The Southern
California OPAREA covers approximately 411,000 square km and is located
in the eastern North Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Southern California
and Baja Mexico.  It includes a nearshore and offshore component.  The
nearshore component encompasses ocean waters along the Southern
California Coast, from Oxnard to just north of the California/Mexico
border, as well as all of San Diego Bay.  The offshore component
surrounds many of the Channel Islands, and extends in a southwesterly
direction out to 125 degrees West longitude.  The Gulf of Alaska OPAREA
covers approximately 82,000 square km and is located in the northern
Gulf of Alaska southeast of Kenai Peninsula and northeast of Kodiak
Island.  The Pacific Northwest OPAREA covers approximately 445,000
square kilometers.  The OPAREA has both an inshore and offshore
component. The offshore component encompasses ocean waters along the
coasts of Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  The inshore
component includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the southern Strait of
Georgia, and the entire Puget Sound.  The OPAREA runs up to the
shoreline in portions of Puget Sound and the Quinault Area.  The
Marianas OPAREA covers approximately 40,000 square kilometers and is
comprised of both inshore and offshore components.  The inshore
component contains nearshore areas of Guam, Tinian and Farallon de
Medinilla.  The offshore component is a polygon extending southwest of
Guam to approximately 10 degrees north.  Each particular OPAREA/range
has specific baseline and monitoring needs depending on the current
level of knowledge and data availability.  All methods of monitoring
will be considered, including, but not limited to, aerial and shipboard
surveys, passive acoustics, and individual-level behavioral studies, to
form the foundation of the monitoring program.  Preparation of the plan
is anticipated to include assessing current information (species
composition, distribution, etc), modeling the movement and responses of
a marine fauna in the OPAREA, investigating survey designs and analyses
to assess potential effects of training.  Plan must be completed in
coordination with Navy biologists and regulatory agencies, and on-site
meetings will be required. The contractor must provide or contract all
equipment and team members needed for the proposed study, monitoring and
reporting of results.  Species to be included in the plan include marine
mammals, sea turtles and commercially important fish.  Implementation of
the plan, including systematic monitoring to assess trends in species
composition, distribution, and abundance may follow plan preparation.
This announcement is open until 12:00 Hawaii Standard Time, 17 March
2006.   The Government reserves the right to make this requirement a
set-aside. If a contract is awarded for this effort, the Government
anticipates a Firm Fixed Price/Indefinite Quantity contract for a
duration of five (5) years (1 basic plus 4 option years). However,
contract type and duration could change. Proposed submissions of
interest and/or statements of capability in the area mentioned above
should include the following information, taking into consideration that
the information submitted may not be used for a procurement action: (1)
Reference to reference number N62742-06-R-1884; (2) Company Name and
Address; (3) Point of contact name, telephone, and email address; (4) If
a United States or Foreign company; (5) Company Size, NAICS Code 541710
with a size standard of 500 employees (6) If your company is a Small
Business, specify if your company is or is not one of the following: a.
Small Disadvantaged Business, b. HubZone Business, c. Women-Owned
Business, d. 8a Business; (7) Proposer's capabilities and related
experience, or unique combination of these which are integral factors in
achieving the proposed objective (8) Capability to perform the required
tasks with a general approach to baseline research and monitoring (9)
the qualifications and experience of the principal investigator(s), team
leader(s), or key personnel who are critical in achieving the objectives
of the proposed tasks, and (10) Any other specific or pertinent
technical information as pertains to this particular area of
solicitation that would enhance our understanding of your qualifications
and abilities.  Contractors should mark any data that is proprietary or
has restricted data rights as appropriate.  Questions regarding this
announcement should be sent via email to annette.tijerina at navy.mil or
richard.keener at navy.mil, or via fax to (808) 474-5909. Announcement
responses should be sent to: Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering
Command, Pacific, Code AQ12 Annette Tijerina, 258 Makalapa Drive, Ste.
100, Pearl Harbor, HI  96860; facsimile (808) 474-5909; or email
annette.tijerina at navy.mil. This announcement is not a Request for
Proposal, but is a sources sought for information and planning purposes
only. The Government will not pay for any effort or materials expended
in response to this announcement. All information submitted shall become
the property of the Government. This announcement does not obligate the
Government to issue a solicitation or award a contract for any items for
which information is voluntarily submitted for assessment.  

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