[MARMAM] Ship strikes in the Mediterranean Sea

Pierre Gallego pierregallego at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 05:37:06 PST 2006

Dear colleagues,
  Last year, the IWC Conservation Committee created a Ship Strikes Working Group during its 57th Meeting in Ulsan, South Korea. It was decided to prepare a report on ship strikes around the world. I am collecting information from the Mediterranean Sea for this purpose, and would be very grateful to people having any (published or unpublished) accounts of ship strikes involving large and small cetaceans in the Mediterranean if they could forward them to me. Every contribution will be properly referenced or acknowledged in the report.
  When available, information should contain species involved, type of ship involved, location, date, and if the involved animal died. In case a necropsy was carried out, information on lesions associated with the ship strike would be very helpful too.
  The resulting publication will be made available to any interested people, and will be accessible on the web.
  Please send your information to:
  pierregallego at yahoo.com
  Thank you very much in advance for your contribution.
  Best regards,
  Pierre Gallego, DVM
  IWC Scientific Advisor and Alternate Commissioner
  Ministry of Environment, Luxembourg

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