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Study species: Boto (Amazon river dolphin) Inia geoffrensis & tucuxi Sotalia fluviatilis
Location: Mamirauá Reserve, near Tefé, Brazil
Duration: Minimum 6 months, but 9 months preferred
Age range: 20 - 33 years
Qualification: at least first degree level, preferably in zoology or related subject
Start date: 2006, negotiable
Closing date for applications: Feb 12 2006
Remuneration: 70 USD per month; all living expenses free
Language requirements: At least moderate Portuguese or good Spanish plus good English. No exceptions.

Notes. Projeto Boto has been running for 12 years, during which time around 45 interns have helped in the collection of observational data on a population of marked dolphins (now nearly 400 animals). We have a team on the water almost every day of the year, working from boats based at own floating house/lab. The research base is in the heart of the flooded forest, surrounded by myriad wildlife. Many dolphin encounters are guaranteed each day. There is a rolling programme of intern recruitment, and we are now seeking cetacean enthusiasts to begin during 2006. The normal team is of 2 interns plus our resident local research assistant who knows each dolphin individually, and our flooded forest reserve like the back of his hand. Interns are recruited one by one, and given a 4-week understudy with their predecessor. After a further 3 or 4 months they become the senior intern when the next handover has been completed.

We are seeking keen young scientists/enthusiasts who are willing to spend 6-9 months in a remote and stunningly beautiful location, dedicated to observing and recording botos. Their hard work will contribute to a productive and exciting research programme which is providing the first quantitative understanding of the biology and ecology of any river dolphin. Life on the raft is fairly basic but clean and safe, with solar power, cold showers, flush toilet and gas-powered fridge/freezer and cooker. Candidates with previous experience of fieldwork will be considered favourably. The nearest town with shops/hospital/airport is 2 hrs away by boat.

Due to the close relationship between this study and both the local population and reserve management, all of whom speak Portuguese, we must insist on at least moderate skills in spoken Portuguese or good Spanish. Good spoken English is also necessary.

We will only recruit people with the attributes outlined above; please do not reply if you are unable to meet these requirements. Furthermore, this advertisement is intended only for posting on MARMAM. It should NOT be copied and posted elsewhere without our specific approval.

Please apply to us by e-mail, including a CV and a short letter explaining why you wish to join the project. Copy the application to both addresses.

Tony Martin (arm at bas.ac.uk) and Vera da Silva (tucuxi at inpa.gov.br)

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