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Dear colleagues,

The following paper has been published:

Salivary cortisol in captive dolphins (Tursiops truncatus): a non-invasive
technique. Animal Welfare 2006, 15: 359-362
C Pedernera-Romano, RA Valdez, S Singh, X Chiappa, MC Romano and F Galindo

Dolphins in captivity have to cope with severe changes in their environment. So 
far, there are few studies on the welfare of these animals under these 
conditions. The aim of the present study was to find if cortisol was present in 
the saliva of dolphins and to explore the possibility of performing serial, non-
invasive cortisol assays in captive dolphins. Saliva was collected non-
invasively during a month from four dolphins that had responded to previous 
training, in order to provide saliva samples, in two aquaria in Mexico City. In
addition, serum and saliva time-matched samples were obtained in an aquarium in 
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Cortisol concentrations in saliva and blood were 
measured by radioimmunoanalysis (RIA). Results show for the first time that 
measurable quantities of cortisol are secreted within the saliva of dolphins. 
Salivary cortisol measurements could be a useful tool for carrying out long-
term cortisol sampling. It is far less invasive than blood-sampling and could 
be used, in conjunction with behavioural observations, to monitor the
welfare of captive dolphins, non-invasively.

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