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Martina Duras Gomercic martina.duras at vz.htnet.hr
Mon Dec 18 02:47:21 PST 2006

Dear colleagues,

The following paper has been published:

B. Seol, M. Duras Gomercic, T. Naglic, T. Gomercic, A. Galov, H. 
Gomercic (2006) Isolation of Clostridium tertium from a striped dolphin 
(Stenella coeruleoalba) in the Adriatic Sea. Journal of Wildlife 
Diseases, 42: 709-711

Abstract: Bacteriologic examination of an abscess found between blubber 
and musculature of a striped dolphin (Stenella coerulaoalba) found dead 
on 30 March 2002 in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, was performed and an 
aerotolerant, nontoxogenic Clostridium tertium was isolated in pure 
culture. National Collections of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria 
(NCIMB Ltd., Aberdeen, Scotland, UK) confirmed the results. Sequencing 
results showed it to be C. tertium with 100% similarity. The strain was 
named Clostridium tertium strain Zagreb, acceded to the culture 
collection and assigned the accession number NCIMB 13970. This is the 
first record of. C. tertium in marine mammals.

For reprints please contact:
Martina Duras Gomercic, PhD, DVM
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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb
Heinzelova 55
10000 Zagreb
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Best regards,
Martina Duras Gomercic

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