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John Arnott (BDRP) john.arnott at biscay-dolphin.org.uk
Sat Dec 16 15:18:17 PST 2006

The charity Marinelife, which has been operating its successful Biscay Dolphin Research Programme for twelve years, is running a special shore-based training opportunity for volunteer whale and dolphin surveyors in preparation for the 2007 season.  The programme will include an introduction to ocean-going cetacean and seabird survey techniques and protocols, a brief overview of identification issues, guidelines on how to become more actively involved with Marinelife/BDRP pelagic surveys and an opportunity to network with key personnel and other volunteer surveyors.


This will be followed up with opportunities for more rigorous scientific training at sea under the guidance of experienced team leaders through our programme of monthly research voyages on ferry routes in the English Channel and Bay of Biscay.  This will ensure that all data collected by volunteer researchers during ongoing projects is of the same high quality and continues to be at the forefront of current best practice.


This training event is being held at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, England, on Saturday 13th January 2007 at 13:30h, finishing at 16:30h.  The cost will be £20 per person, payable in advance.


For further details, including booking information, please email John Arnott, Marinelife/BDRP Research Teams Manager, at john.arnott at marine-life.org.uk or john.arnott at biscay-dolphin.org.uk.
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