[MARMAM] Cetaceans in Colombia

Catalina Gomez-Salazar catalina at omacha.org
Thu Dec 7 13:27:43 PST 2006


I am a researcher from the Omacha Foundation in Colombia (www.omacha.org)
and we are currently conducting a project to develop a specific protocol for
cetacean strandings in Colombia. 

We are initiating the first stage to acquire all documents about cetacean
strandings in the world, and in Colombia there are not resources to acquire
all the information. 

We would appreciate any information that anyone can send us to complete this
stage to jaguaranegra at hotmail.com or to the Omacha Foundation in Bogota,
Colombia: Diagonal 86A. No. 30 - 38. 

Thank you

Catalina Gomez
Omacha Foundation
Catalina at omacha.org
Diagonal 86A No. 30-38
Bogotá - Colombia

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