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David Rosen rosen at zoology.ubc.ca
Mon Dec 4 13:19:29 PST 2006

M.Sc Position – Sea lion physiology and bioenergetics
Marine Mammal Research Unit, University of British Columbia.

Seeking candidates for a M.Sc. position involving bioenergetics and 
physiology of Otariids. The research project involves studying aspects 
of metabolism, heart rate, and diving physiology in a group of captive 
Steller sea lions.

We are looking for a student with appropriate academic and technical 
qualifications. Prior work with animals (not necessarily marine 
mammals) is also sought.

This is a 2-year position, starting in September 2007, during which 
time the candidate will be expected to complete the required course 
work, research, and thesis work. The position provides personal 
financial support exempt from TA duties. However, students bringing 
additional (external) funding will be viewed favourably.

Selected candidates will be asked to apply to the Dept of Zoology at 
the University of British Columbia. They will be supervised in their 
studies by Drs. David Rosen and Andrew Trites at the Marine Mammal 
Research Unit, University of British Columbia. Details of the types of 
research previously undertaken can be found at 
www.marinemammal.org/research/research.php. The formal application 
deadline for September 2007 admission to UBC is February 1 2007 
(International), March 1 2007 (Canadian). For further details of the 
application process please see 

Inquiries (including c.v.’s and letters of interest should be directed 
to Dr. David Rosen at rosen at zoology.ubc.ca

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