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Job Announcement



POSITION TITLE:                Director of Animal Husbandry


DEPARTMENT:                    Mammals and Birds


REPORTING TO:                  Senior Vice President of Research and
Zoological Operations


LOCATION:                          Mystic, CT



THE COMPANY:                  Mystic Aquarium & Institute for


Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration are divisions of Sea
Research Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit institution based in Mystic, CT.
The Foundation's mission is to inspire people everywhere to care about
and protect our oceans by exploring and sharing their biological,
ecological and cultural treasures.


With a primary focus on research and education, the aquarium has a large
collection of aquatic animals supported by a team of highly dedicated
marine animal research experts. Prominent exhibits include the Alaskan
Coast, a one-acre outdoor beluga whale display, and the Hidden Amazon, a
lush exhibit exploring the rainforest ecosystem. The aquarium also has a
diverse slate of age-specific educational programs and tours.


Mystic Aquarium is also the home of the Institute for Exploration (IFE)
and is the only aquarium in the world with exhibits based on work done
by Robert Ballard and his deep-ocean exploration team. IFE has assembled
some of the finest talent in oceanographic and deep-sea archeological
research, which develops advanced deep-sea vehicle systems to conduct
research and educates students and the general public about its work. 


The organization has an annual budget of approximately $14M and more
than 225 employees. Major sources of revenue include federal, state and
private grants, gate receipts and other earned income sources.





Oversee and direct the day-to-day management of collection animals and
husbandry personnel.  Assist with the development of the zoological
collection master plan and the implementation of both short-term plans
and long-range collection plans in support of exhibition, education and
conservation purposes.  Develop, administer and monitor overall
husbandry budget and assist with prioritizing implementation of
significant capital expenditures.


      Specific Responsibilities:  


*         Plan, develop and establish policies and objectives for


*         Maintain working knowledge of life support systems and water
quality parameters and oversee the quality of the physical environment
in which the animals are maintained.  Ultimately responsible for the
well being of the animals under our care and should be able to interact
with and converse about issues relevant to these areas.


*         Work with the Curatorial staff to develop plans for the
improvement of existing facilities and plans for future exhibits in
collaboration with Facility Operations and Exhibit Design personnel.


*         Assist with development of species strategy and exhibit


*         Assist with the development and implementation of an animal
collection plan.


*         Oversee the stranding program.


*         Assure compliance with all international, federal and local
laws.  This includes maintaining permits, regular and reporting
inspection compliance, inter-facility exchanges and various interactions
with government agencies, including (but not limited to) the USDA, NMFS,
US Fish & Wildlife, DFO, etc.


*         Support the goals and objectives of professional organizations
(AZA, IMATA, IAAAM, etc.) as they relate to the Aquarium and support
staff participation in these organizations.  Respond to and cooperate
with requests for information or initiatives appropriate to our facility
as related to these professional organizations.


*         In the absence of or as directed by the Sr. Vice President of
Research and Zoological  Operations, publicly represent the organization
and its programs, both verbally and in written form, particularly
regarding marine mammal issues.  This includes overseeing the writing
and presentation of marine mammal presentations and serving as an
aquarium spokesperson for high-profile marine mammal issues in the media
and elsewhere.


*         Assists with the coordination of research on collection and
stranded animals and procedures involving animal care as well as
incorporation of research and conservation messages into exhibits.


*         Ensure quality of exhibits including graphics, educational
components and interpretation.


*         Serve on the IACUC Committee.


*         Perform all other duties as assigned by supervisor.





*         Master's degree or equivalent in the Biological Sciences with
a minimum of 10 years experience in a related field.  


*         Relevant experience should include:  compliance with the
animal collection regulations and accreditation standards; daily and
long term animal care; exhibition and collection planning, specimen
acquisitions and de-acquisitions.  


*         Has demonstrated advanced working knowledge of the husbandry
and exhibit design (including educational components) appropriate for
captive marine mammals, birds, fishes and invertebrates and their life
support systems.  


*         Must possess the ability to lead a husbandry program and
interact collaboratively with other departments while applying
experience and creativity in exhibit design.  


*         Must have experience with budget development and personnel


*         Must possess strong leadership skills.



The Mystic Aquarium is an equal opportunity employer.





Please address all nominations and applications to:


Sig Ginsburg, Executive Vice President

c/o James Jordan

DHR International

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