[MARMAM] Cetaceans of the Adriatic Sea

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With reference to a message recently posted to marmam (see below), I suggest
that those interested in publications on Adriatic cetaceans also consult the
literature cited in the publication below, including a review of historical
information. Please note that some of the most recent articles are missing
as the manuscript was submitted in 2003.

Bearzi G., Holcer D., Notarbartolo di Sciara G. 2004. The role of historical
dolphin takes and habitat degradation in shaping the present status of
northern Adriatic cetaceans. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater
Ecosystems 14:363-379.

http://www.tethys.org/download/papers_pdf/Bearzi_etal_2004.pdf (212 Kb)

More information may be found in a review of contributions by Italian
scientists (1638-2003):

Bearzi G., Notarbartolo di Sciara G., Bonizzoni S. 2005. Scientific
literature on Mediterranean cetaceans: the Italian contribution. In B.
Cozzi, ed. Marine mammals of the Mediterranean Sea: natural history,
biology, anatomy, pathology, parasitology. Massimo Valdina Editore, The
Coffee House Art & Adv, Milano.

http://www.tethys.org/download/papers_pdf/Bearzi_etal_2005_ItLit.pdf (832

Best regards,

Giovanni Bearzi

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Oggetto: [MARMAM] Library "Cetaceans, sea turtles and sharks of the Adriatic

Dear all,
the Library of Cetaceans, sea turtles and sharks of the Adriatic Sea is
on-line at the address:
http://www.adriawatch.provincia.rimini.it/ ("Library" button).
Born within the framework of the italian/slovenian/croatian project
"Adria-Watch"; the library is a collection of references on Adriatic large
vertebrates (namely Cetaceans, sea turtles and sharks).
For the time being, it contanis about 230 references. Some of them are
linked with their proper pdf downloadable file.

We invite all of you to take advantage of it.

Further, we would appreciate receiving copies (pdf) of papers not on the
bibliography, or reports of papers incorrectly cited or not cited at all.

Best regards
Marco Affronte 
Responsabile Scientifico
Fondazione Cetacea ONLUS
via Ascoli Piceno - 47838 Riccione (RN) ITALY
+39 0541 691557 (phone)  /   +39 0541 475830 (fax)
e-mail <ambientemare at fondazionecetacea.org>
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Cetacea Blog: http://fondazionecetacea.org/blog
Storie di Mare blog <http://storiedimare.blogspot.com/>

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