[MARMAM] Number of commercial dolphin-watch licenses reduced because of impacts

Lars Bejder L.Bejder at murdoch.edu.au
Wed Aug 23 17:06:02 PDT 2006

Dear Marmam Readers,
The Minister of the Environment (Western Australia) has recently released a press release stating that the number of commercial dolphin-watch licenses in Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, Australia will be reduced from two to one, based on scientific data showing: a) a reduction of dolphin abundance in the area where vessel-based tourism is occurring; and b) that female dolphins exposed to the vessels had lower reproductive success than females with less exposure.
The Minister said that the Monkey Mia tourism industry was largely based on the dolphin experience and the withdrawal of one license was a necessary sacrifice for the long-term sustainability of the area.
Please see the following link for the press release:
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