[MARMAM] The Impact of human activity on the behaviour of Indo-pacific humpback dolphins in Zanzibar Arcipelago, Tanzania

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Dear all,
I am an Italian marine biology researcher. 
I am interested in studying the Indian humpback dolphin (Sousa plumbea) population inhabiting the waters off Zanzibar Arcipelago, Tanzania.
I think it would be necessary to monitor these cetaceans and their inshore distribution that renders them particularly susceptible to the effects of human activities in the coastal zones.
On this purpose, I would like to run a project studying their behavioural ecology and reactions towards vessel activity, making a comparison between Unguja and Pemba Island.
In fact, on Unguja Island there’s a lot of disturbance caused by human activities, while in Pemba these anthropogenic factors seem to be really rare.
Thus, I would like if anyone has some articles about the situation of humpback dolphins in this area, that can be really useful for my project.
These are the articles that I have already found:
-	Amir, Jiddawi and Berggren (2005) “The occurrence and distribution of dolphins in Zanzibar, Tanzania, with Comments on the Differences between two species of Tursiops. Western Indian Ocean J.Mar.Sci.Vol.4, No 1, pp. 85-93. 
-	Amir,O., Berggren,P.,Ndaro,G.M. and Narriman,J. (2005) “Feeding ecology of the Indo-Pacific bottlnose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) incidentally caught in the gillnet fisheries off Zanzibar, Tanzania. 
-	Barros, Nelio B. (1991) “ Prey of humpback dolphins (Sousa plumbea) stranded in eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Aquatic Mammals, 17.3:134-136.
-	Borobia,M. (1997) “Small cetaceans of eastern, western and centrals African regions: a summary report. Paper presented at the scientific Committee meeting of the International Whaling commission (IWC)30 September-11October in Bournemouth, UK, Document IWC/SC/49/SM48
-	Fachinetti,C. (2001) “Contributo alla studio della cetofauna nell’Arcipelago di Zanzibar, Tanzania”. Bachelor thesis, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Corso di laurea di Scienze Naturali. 
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-	Tocchetti,M., Bortolotto,A., and Jiddawi,N. (2001) “ The Zanzibar Cetacean Project”. 29Th EAAM Annual Symposium, Genoa, Italy, 9-12 March 2001.
-	Van Parijs, S. and Corkeron,P. (2001) “ Boat traffic affects the acoustic behaviour of Pacific humpback dolphins, Sousa chinensis.
Thank you in advance,
Chiara Bertulli	
c/o Hvalsafari AS
P.O. Box 58
8483 Andenes,
ciarabertulli at yahoo.it
mobile :+39/340/6933102
home phone:+39/02/70000549
home address: viale Mugello 2
                       20137 Milano, Italy 

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