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Georgia Zern gzern at co.volusia.fl.us
Tue Aug 22 06:44:25 PDT 2006


The Volusia County Manatee Protection Program is seeking a candidate for the position of Manatee Observer. This is a part time position, starting immediately, and lasting until mid to late October. The work environment is a dredging project and it involves being on-site during all dredging activities. The project site is located in Ponce Inlet, Florida. The small  town of Ponce Inlet is situated on the central, east coast of Florida just a few miles south of the city of Daytona Beach.
The position will report to the Manatee Protection Program Manager, and will be responsible for the daily observation of a boat ramp dredging activity in waters in which manatees are known to frequent. Among other duties, the job will entail the accurate, detailed documentation of any manatee sighting, and the responsibility for ordering the immediate shut down of dredging operations if a manatee(s) is spotted within 50 feet of the operation.

Job duties will involve:

The advisement of all dredge personnel that all vessels associated with the construction project shall operate at "No Wake/Idle Speed" at all times while in the construction area and while in water where the draft of the vessel provides less than a four-foot clearance from the bottom.
The advisement of project personnel that all vessels will follow routes of deep water whenever possible.

Ordering the shut down of all equipment, including vessels, if a manatee(s) comes within 50 feet of the operation.

Ensuring that dredging activities or boat operation does not  resume until the manatee(s) has moved beyond the 50-foot radius of the project operation, or until 30 minutes elapses if the manatee(s) has not reappeared within 50 feet of the operation.
Ensuring that animals are not herded away or harassed into  leaving.
The instruction of all dredge personnel on how to observe for the presence of manatees, and the need to avoid collisions with and injury to manatees.

The advisement of all construction personnel that there are civil and criminal penalties for harming, harassing, or killing manatees, which are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act.
Ensuring that siltation or turbidity barriers are made of material in which manatees cannot become entangled, and that they are properly secured.
Regular monitoring of the siltation barriers in order to avoid manatee entanglement or entrapment, and ensuring that the barriers do not block manatee entry to or exit from habitat.

The recording of all manatee sightings, including documentation of the manatee's position, behavior, scar patterns, and photo documentation, if possible.

Immediately reporting any collision with, injury to, or harassment of a manatee to the Volusia County Manatee Protection Program Manager, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Hotline, and to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Jacksonville.
The successful candidate will have a degree in Biology, Environmental Science, or a related field. Experience in observing manatees, other marine mammals, or sea turtles is preferred. Observation experience will be defined by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission standards. She/he must be physically fit, able to swim, and be able to remain in hot, and in some circumstances inclement weather conditions for long periods of time. She/he must be willing and able to assert authority, and at the same time, work successfully in a team atmosphere.
This is a part time, contract position paid on an hourly basis at $9 per hour; benefits are not included.
Please send a resume and a list of at least three references, with contact information, to the Volusia County Manatee Protection Program Manager:
Georgia K. Zern, Manatee Protection Program Manager
Environmental Management
123 West Indiana Avenue
DeLand, Fl 32720
gzern at co.volusia.fl.us 


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