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David Lusseau d.lusseau at dal.ca
Tue Aug 8 06:05:32 PDT 2006

Dear Marmamers,

Have you ever been frustrated by the traditional publication process? Have you ever wondered who your reviewers were? Have you ever wished the review of your paper was opened to the wider scientific community for comments and discussions? Welcome to Open Access 2.0!

The Public Library of Science has successfully provided open access publishing to biologists for the past 3 years now (PLoS Biology's impact factor is now 14.7; you can learn more about the philosophy behind Open Access at http://www.plos.org/oa/index.html). PLoS is launching a new journal, PLoS ONE, which is approaching scientific publishing from a new angle. PLoS ONE is a system that will allow large numbers of papers to be refereed and published with as few unnecessary barriers as possible. Therefore, PLoS ONE has a very simple criterion for publication: PLoS ONE will publish all reports of well-performed science that are submitted. In addition, papers in PLoS ONE will need to conform to some basic standards of scientific communication. For example they must describe experimental methods in sufficient detail for them to be repeatable; their conclusions must not be overstated; and these papers will need to be written in intelligible English.Publications in PLoS ONE will not be an end in themselves but rather the beginning of a conversation with the scientific community. A system for post-publication annotation and comment will allow readers to engage in discussions with authors and other users. This will act as a form of open peer review, a concept that has been much talked about but which few journals have put in place. We will also apply many other features that publication in a web environment can supply. Such things as user-defined tagging of articles to aid navigation through the literature; a high degree of personalisation to allow readers to quickly and efficiently discover the papers they want to read; and democratic systems for rating individual papers.
The scope of PLoS ONE is all encompassing: PLoS ONE features reports of primary research from all disciplines within science and medicine. By not excluding papers on the basis of subject area, PLoS ONE facilitates the discovery of the connections between papers whether within or between disciplines. 

If you are interested in submitting papers to PLoS ONE, or want to learn more about PLoS ONE, please visit http://www.plosone.org/

best wishes,

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Editor for PLoS ONE- a revolution in scientific publication
learn more at: http://www.plosone.org
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