[MARMAM] Pygmy whales in the Indian Ocean

Asha de Vos ashadevos at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 03:12:18 PDT 2006

Hi All

I'm trying to get a soft copy of the following abstract and if possible a
more detailed full text document
' location, location, location: acoustic evidence suggests three geographic
stocks of 'pygmy' blue whales in the indian ocean'

I tried writing to the authors Kathy Stafford, Del Wayne Tolstoy and Emily
Chapp but have not had a reply so I am hoping that someone else could help
me out. I believe this abstract appeared in the proceedings for the "16th
Bienniel marine mammal biology conference" held in 2005.

I would appreciate any help I could get.
asha.devos at lincoln.oxon.org
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