[MARMAM] publication on by-catch in trawler fisheries

Zeeberg, JaapJan JaapJan.Zeeberg at wur.nl
Fri Apr 28 02:03:11 PDT 2006

Bycatch rates observed during more than 1400 trawl sets off Mauritania,
Northwest Africa, are shown to have been considerable during the past 4

with high animal abundance in Summer when the Northwest African shelf is
occupied by subtropical water. We demonstrate the urgency

for bycatch reduction and evaluate the use of species-selective gear, a
conservation method immediately available and immediately effective

in waters fished through international access agreements. A modification
tested in commercial trawls during the observer program guides

pelagic megafauna deflected by a filter to an escape tunnel along the
bottom of the trawl. This "excluder" reduces bycatch mortality of the

most vulnerable megafauna species by at least 40-100% (Fisheries
Research 78 [2006] 186-195).


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