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Cetus Research & Conservation Society is a non-profit organization. The
Society's mission is to facilitate the conservation of the marine
environment by promoting community stewardship, conducting research, and
fostering activities that directly preserve marine habitats and biological
diversity. Cetus operates two marine mammal education and monitoring
programs: Straitwatch and the Robson Bight Marine Warden Program.

Cetus is currently recruiting volunteers for Straitwatch and the Robson
Bight Marine Warden Program.  These programs focus on marine mammal
conservation by providing education about local marine mammals and the
marine mammal viewing guidelines. Monitoring boater activity around marine
animals and the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve is a major
component of both programs. These programs are operated in the waters of
Johnstone and Queen Charlotte Straits, off Northeast Vancouver Island, BC.
The closest community is Alert Bay on Cormorant Island, which is where
Straitwatch is based.  The Robson Bight Marine Warden Program operates
from a remote field camp on West Cracroft Island.

This is a great opportunity for individuals to increase field skills, as
well as gain research experience and knowledge of the marine mammals
inhabiting the Northeast Pacific. All positions are seasonal, with dates
ranging from mid June to mid September 2006. Cetus is seeking to fill the
following volunteer positions:

Research Observer

Marine Educator

- Assisting marine wardens with data collection at the monitoring site and
on monitoring vessels.
- Collecting data on marine mammals and vessel activity. Attention to
detail with regards to data collection and entry is essential.
- Assisting with daily field camp maintenance and responsibilities.

- Effective communications skills.
- Able to live and work comfortably in a remote coastal wilderness
- Able to travel in rigid hull inflatable vessels in coastal waters,
including rough conditions with limited visibility.
- Able to work for 8-11 hour shifts in all weather conditions.
- Background knowledge of the marine mammal species in the area is an asset.
- Able to carry 20 lbs of gear to and from vessel to base camps (this
varies from across the street to down a rocky shoreline).  In addition,
the Research Observer must also be able to hike between the base camp and
the observation site (5 km each way); while there is minimal gear to be
carried, the hike takes approximately 1 hour (depending on fitness).

Volunteers are responsible for all their costs incurred while
participating in these programs.  This includes, but is not limited to,
travelling to and from Alert Bay, having proper camping equipment, as well
as food and accommodation costs.  There are no accommodation costs while
in the field camp on West Cracroft Island, however, volunteers need to
provide their own tent and sleeping gear, as only a tarp is provided. 
Food for the Robson Bight Warden Program is purchased as a group and costs
$10/day while in camp (this money must be prepaid prior to arriving in
Alert Bay).  Straitwatch volunteers are responsible for all their own food
and accommodation arrangements.

Please forward your resume, statement of interest, and two references via
e-mail by May 15th, 2006.  Be sure to indicate the position for which you
are applying, as well as the duration and availability of your commitment.
Research Observer positions with the Robson Bight Marine Warden Program
require a minimum commitment of 2 weeks, with longer commitments
encouraged. Marine Educator positions with Straitwatch are flexible in
commitment duration, with commitments longer than 1 week encouraged. For
more information on Straitwatch and the Robson Bight Marine Warden Program
please visit www.straitwatch.org and www.members.shaw.ca/robsonbight,

Andrea Hunter
Cetus Research & Conservation Society
E-mail: robsonbight at cetussociety.org

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