[MARMAM] whale watching data collection programs - response requested

Jooke Robbins jrobbins at coastalstudies.org
Thu Apr 13 06:10:29 PDT 2006

Platforms of opportunity, especially whale watching vessels, can be a 
useful source of data on cetaceans in many areas.  The Scientific Committee 
of the International Whaling Commission reviews whale watching activities 
world-wide, including their data collection programs.  To facilitate that 
work, we request the following basic information on organizations involved 
in whale watching based research.  Our intent is to update this information 
on an annual basis.

1) Name of scientific organization
2) Location in which data were collected
3) Years of study
4) Cetacean species studied
5) Type of opportunistic platform used: whale watch, ferry, fishing vessel, 
other-please specify.
6) Type(s) of data collected (list any that apply): sighting effort data, 
basic sighting data, general animal behavior, behavioral disturbance data, 
photo-ID, other-please specify.
7) Person responsible for collecting the data:  captain, crew, naturalist, 
dedicated observer, other--please specify.
8) Were data contributed to another archive (such as an oceanic 
catalog)?  If so, please indicate which one.
9) Will this data collection program continue in 2006?

A similar request for information was made on MARMAM last year, but the 
request was limited to US activities.  If you responded previously, please 
just let us know if your information has changed.  However, we would now 
greatly appreciate information on any opportunistic data collection 
activities world-wide.  We are particularly interested in groups that 
performed such data collection in 2005.

Please e-mail your response as soon as possible and no later than April 19, 
2006.  While we appreciate answers to as many questions as possible, please 
provide whatever you can within the time frame provided.  Responses should 
be addressed to Jooke Robbins <jrobbins at coastalstudies.org>.


Jooke Robbins
Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
PO Box 1036
Provincetown, MA 02657 

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