[MARMAM] Marine mammal samples available for research.

Katie R. Pugliares katiep at capecodstranding.net
Mon Apr 3 13:59:16 PDT 2006

The Cape Cod Stranding Network, Inc. (CCSN) in Massachusetts responds to
hundreds of marine mammal strandings every year.  The high species diversity
in the surrounding waters off the Cape allows for the unique opportunity to
collectinvaluable information on the biology and ecology of many marine animals.
CCSNhas collected an ample amount of samples suitable for life history, genetic,
and contaminants research.  Samples are available for the following species:

Atlantic white sided dolphin, L. acutus
Common dolphin, D. Delphis
Harbor porpoise, P. phocoena
Humpback whale, M. novaeangliae (limited samples)
Long finned pilot whale, G. melas
Minke whale, B. acutorostrata (limited samples)
Risso's dolphin, G. griseus (limited samples)
Gray seal, H. grypus
Harbor seal, P. vitulina
Harp seal, P. groenlandica
Hooded seal, C. cristata

If interested in using any of these samples in future research please

Katie Pugliares
Necropsy Coordinator
The Cape Cod Stranding Network, Inc
Buzzard's Bay, MA 02532
katiep at capecodstranding.net
(774) 836- 5573

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