[MARMAM] Tethys - whale and dolphin courses in the Mediterranean

Giovanni Bearzi bearzi at tiscalinet.it
Sat Apr 1 01:26:12 PST 2006

Since 1990 the Tethys Research Institute organises courses dedicated to
those who are willing to contribute to research and conservation campaigns
in the Mediterranean Sea. The courses are either boat-based (Pelagos
Sanctuary) or land-based (Ionian Greece).

Participants are involved in activities including data collection at sea
with advanced methodologies, and informal lectures by experienced

Information can be found under "Whale and dolphin field courses" at:


An idea of the settings is given by extensive Photo Albums.

Background by Tethys is documented inter alia in the Publications section.

Giovanni Bearzi, Ph.D.
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President, Tethys Research Institute
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