[MARMAM] image matching data base for Apple

Christian Ramp christianramp at web.de
Fri Sep 30 06:46:03 PDT 2005

Hi all, 

We would like to inquire about data bases for Macintosh computers 
handling digital pictures. We are working on four different species of 
rorqual whales and would like to transfer the matching and storing 
process into that database. (Matching is still done by us, not an 
automatic software system).
Basically photo ID pictures should be imported in the data base, going 
through the matching process for all species and then be stored in an 
individual specific file.
We are aware of the some IBM (e.g. ACCESS) solutions, but would like to 
know what the people running Apple systems are using.

Therefore we would appreciate any ideas and suggestions.

Many thanks in advance

Christian Ramp
Mingan Island Cetacean Study
378 Bord de la mer
Longue Pointe de Mingan
G0G 1V0, Qc
www.rorqual.com <http://www.rorqual.com/>

Please answer to christianramp at web.de <mailto:christianramp at web.de>

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