[MARMAM] Conference Video Night Submission Deadline

Jim Sumich jim.sumich at gcccd.net
Fri Sep 30 14:23:02 PDT 2005

Dear MarMammers
For the upcoming Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, an
evening of videos will continue as a standard part of the program. We are
inviting submission of videos to be presented during the Wednesday Video
Night session. Each presentation will be limited to no more than 15 minutes,
allowing the maximum opportunity to view a wide range of work. Commercial or
long documentary material will not be accepted.  The deadline for
submissions is Nov. 14, 2005. Submissions after Nov. 14 will only be
considered on a space-available basis. If you are intending to submit, but
have not yet, contact Dr. Denise Herzing
(wdpdenise at earthlink.net <mailto:wdpdenise at earthlink.net> ) with topic, play
duration, and recorded medium. We strongly encourage all submissions to be
submitted on CD or DVD for playback.

As you edit your material for presentation, please be mindful that this
Society-sponsored event is a forum for sharing video images of marine
mammals in the flesh.  It is NOT intended as a venue for lobbying or
presenting primarily political messages.
For an updated schedule, check the SMM website
<http://www.marinemammalogy.org/conference2005/Events.htm#VideoNight> .


Dr. Jim Sumich
jim.sumich at gcccd.edu

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