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Phil Hamilton phamiltn at neaq.org
Thu Sep 29 06:30:50 PDT 2005

In response to Elaine Francis' posting below:
The New England Aquarium maintains a catalog of all photographs of right whales taken in the North Atlantic. The Catalog currently contains over 30,000 sightings of 459 whales from 1935 to the present. These sightings have been contributed by hundreds of organizations and individuals. Anyone who has collected identifiable images of right whales (showing details of the callosity pattern on the head and any visible scars- flukes are only useful if they have scars), and has date and location data for the sighting, should contact the data coordinator at the Aquarium's right whale research project (rwdata at neaq.org <mailto:rwdata at neaq.org> ) to discuss data submission. However, no one should approach a right whale within 500 yds in US waters without a research permit as this is against the law and violators have been prosecuted.
The Aquarium is currently working a on a web site to describe right whale photo identification in general and the North Atlantic Catalog specifically- including the ability to search for a subset of images in the Catalog. This web site should be completed in the next few months and will be found at www.neaq.org/rwcatalog <http://www.neaq.org/rwcatalog> .
Philip Hamilton
Research Scientist
New England Aquarium
Elaine's email:
Hello, I have just returned from a holiday whalewatching in Eastern Canada watching the northern right whales in the Bay of Fundy.  I was
lucky enough to see a courtship display by the whales, and I have two rather good digital photos of one male showing its genitalia.

I don't know if you would like to list this on your web page to see if anyone is interested in these.

Also, I have some good fluke digital photos, and I was wondering if anyone is doing a library of the Northern rights and who might be
interested in using my photos to help monitor the whales.

Your web site was passed on to me by Rachel at the Whale & Dolphin Magazine.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Elaine Francis.

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