[Marmam] Gray's beaked whale

oli.yates at conservation.org.fk oli.yates at conservation.org.fk
Tue Sep 27 13:19:56 PDT 2005

Dear All,
Many thanks for all the requests for details and specimens regarding the
beaked whale. The specimen was in poor condition and nothing other than
skin tissue was possible, the land owner will keep the entire skeleton
for tourism. My apologies if I did not respond to all the mail but some
were simply not viable suggestions due to the reasons above. 
Those who are helping with genetics and ID I thank again and will be in
touch shortly.
Best regards,
Oli Yates.
Oli Yates
Project Leader
Albatross and Petrel Programme
Falklands Conservation
Falkland Islands
Tel: 00 500 22247
Fax: 00 500 22288
oli.yates at conservation.org.fk
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