[MARMAM] Military exercise in the Eastern Aegean Sea cancelled

Jen Palmer jen.palmer at mcbi.org
Tue Sep 27 10:43:49 PDT 2005

Military exercise in the Eastern Aegean Sea cancelled 


Below is a message of sincere thanks for all of the voices who spoke out
against the military exercises which were to take place in Anhydro and
Petrokaravo, rare and critical habitat for Mediterranean monk seals. The
proposed military exercises, that were to begin TODAY, have now been


Thank you all for voicing your immediate concern.


Kind regards,




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From: Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara [mailto:disciara at tin.it
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Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 12:39 AM

To: Elliott Norse

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Subject: a special thank you


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I just received a text message from Anastasia Miliou (9.47 AM Greek
time) with these words: "Kalimera from peaceful Petrokaravo.  Over 60
Eleonora's are flying around us now and there is no sign of army


We had received late in the day yesterday the information that the
exercises in Anhydro and Petrokaravo had been cancelled, but I wanted to
wait till Anastasia went on site to give you the good news.


This morning I have received the following positive message from the
office of Mr. Spilotopoulos, Minister of defence of the Hellenic

"Upon receipt of the e-mail you sent to the Minister of Defence Mr
Spilios P. Spiliotopoulos. We would like to thank you for contacting us
and to inform you that your case is under consideration. 

"Soon you will be informed about its progress. 

"We are willing to cooperate with you and provide you any information or
anything else you may need." 

I think we can take a deep breath now, thanks to all of you who
expressed your concern in the appropriate circles.  


But if an emergency was taken care of successfully, this doesn't mean
that the job is finished.  Much progress remains to be made in raising
the awareness of all the parties concerned with the protection of the
marine environment.  Countless military exercises occur daily in all of
the world's oceans and seas, and who knows how many other conflicting
conditions exist between the needs of the military and the conservation
of the marine environment.  In part, this is a problem of knowledge: I
am personally convinced that the Greek Army had no idea that there was
anything wrong with bombing Anhydro and Petrokaravo.  On the other hand,
substantial improvements are needed in terms of awareness.  If it true
that the armies exist to protect us and all that is important to us,
then it is obvious that environmental protection should be one of the
highest concerns for the military.  Much work remains to be done to see
the effects of such change in attitude, which may take a generation to


I wish to express to all of you my deepest appreciation for your
participation and support in this circumstance.


Yours sincerely,


Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara



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