[MARMAM] Emergency in the Eastern Aegean Sea

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From: Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara [mailto:disciara at tin.it] 
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Subject: emergency in the Eastern Aegean Sea
Importance: High


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I received a piece of quite alarming news from my colleague Anastasia
Miliou, scientific director of "Archipelagos Aigaiou", and NGO from
Greece (see attachment).

The Greek Armed Forces are apparently planning to conduct tomorrow
military excercises, involving explosions, within two protected islands
of the Aegean Sea which are extremely valuable from the natural point of
view, but also quite vulnerable.  These unhinabited islands contain
critical habitat for monk seals (one was sighted only a few days ago in
Petrokaravo) and Eleonora's falcons, among many other protected species.
At a minimum, these planned activities will result in the dislodgment of
these rare and endangered species from what little has remained of their
habitat, although direct killing may also not be discounted.

It is astonishing to discover that military institutions of an European
Member State may so blatantly plan to flout national, European and
international regulations.  I find it equally astonishing that such
level of disregard for the Mediterranean natural heritage, which so many
institutions and individuals have been painstakingly tried to preserve
for future generations, can be allowed.  Nobody challenges the
military's need to practice their job.  However, this must be done in
full respect of existing rules.

Unless the manoeuvers will be called off, tomorrow a vessel parade of
protesters including local fishermen and islanders, led by Archipelagos
Aigaiou, will sail to Anhydro and Petrokaravo to discourage the military
from perpetrating their illegal operations, at the risk of their life.

Your help and support in this dramatic circumstance is very important.
If you think, as I am sure you do, that the Mediterranean natural
heritage cannot be jeopardized by careless and reckless mismanegement,
please express your concern to: 

Minister of National Defence Spilios Spiliotopoulos: minister at mod.mil.gr

Undersecretary Vasilis Michaloliakos: dmod_michaloliakos at mod.mil.gr 

Undersecretary Ioannis Lampropoulos: dmod_lampropoulos at mod.mil.gr 

Information address: journalists at mod.mil.gr 

Information: info at mod.mil.gr 


Prefectorial Self-government of Dodecanese: email:   kep at nad.gr 


Hellenic Ministry for the Enviroment, Physical Planning & Public Works: 
service at dorg.minenv.gr <mailto:service at dorg.minenv.gr>  

General Secretariat Of Public Works: dplir at ggde.gr 


Minister of  Rural Growth and Foods : Evaggelos Mpasiakos: 
ax2u077 at minagric.gr <mailto:ax2u077 at minagric.gr>  

Undersecretary of  Rural Growth and Foods: Alexandros Kontos: 
ax2u050 at minagric.gr <mailto:ax2u050 at minagric.gr> 

Ministry of Aegean:  Info at Ypai.gr 

Office of General Secretary email: gg at ypai.gr 

Press Office & Public Relations: email: typos at ypai.gr 


Thank you for your attention and support.  


Yours sincerely,

Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara

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email: disciara at tin.it  
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