[MARMAM] Lunnar effect on behavior humpback whales

Isabel Avila isabel_c_avila at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 25 10:42:02 PDT 2005

Dear Marmams

I’m doing a research about the behavior of humpback
whales in Colombia, South America. I found that some
adults show differences in some of its behavior across
the moon phases.  The phase of the moon seems to
influence the behavior of a number of animals, but
until now I didn’t found studies about the lunar
effect on cetacean. 

Please send me an email if anybody knows something
about this theme.


Isabel Cristina Avila 
Isabel_c_avila at yahoo.com

Isabel Cristina Ávila Jiménez 
Investigadora en Mamíferos Marinos 
Estudiante MSc Biología, Universidad del Valle 
Investigadora Adjunta, Fundación Yubarta 
Tel. celular: (57) 315 7550330 
Colombia, Sur América
E-mail: isabel_c_avila at yahoo.com

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