[MARMAM] pilot whale fetus

Mota, Mario J Mario.Mota-1 at ksc.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 23 14:48:31 PDT 2005

Good afternoon.

Sorry for the mass posting, but this is for US folks...

 While cleaning our freezer I found a pilot whale fetus that we got from
 a life stranding a couple of years ago.  I got it  CAT scanned and the
 images will be eventually available online through a collaborative
 project with the Univ of Florida vet school for a marine mammal
 anatomical/histological library.

However, before I necropsy it,  I was wondering if anyone out there in
 marmam has any particular interest in getting specific body parts.
 Please have the required permits and contact me at
 motamj at kscems.ksc.nasa.gov before I necropsy it on Sunday.


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