[MARMAM] Right Whale Air Survey Contract Solicitation (fwd)

MARMAM Editors marmamed at uvic.ca
Thu Sep 22 17:50:21 PDT 2005

From: "Barb Zoodsma" <Barb.Zoodsma at noaa.gov>

The Department of Commerce, NOAA, issued a solicitation on August 26, 2005,
for a contract to conduct right whale aerial surveys along the United 
States' Southeast Coast (Georgia/Florida coastline).  The primary objective 
of this work is to locate right whales on their winter calving grounds and 
to report those locations in near-real time to mariners operating 
commercial, military, and other vessels in these areas so they may take 
actions to reduce the likelihood of collisions with right whales.  Surveys 
will be flown from December 1, 2005, until March 31, 2006.

The deadline for submitting proposals is September 26, 2005.  The
requirement was advertised in the FedBizOpps on June 7, 2005.  For 
additional information or to receive a copy of the solicitation, please
contact Jackie Shewmaker  at (816)426-7462 or Jacquelyn.A.Shewmaker at noaa.gov.

My apologies for the late posting to this listserv.

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