[MARMAM] SMM Biennial Workshop on Solitary Sociables

Courtney Stark courtney.stark at wdcs.org
Wed Sep 21 13:44:06 PDT 2005


December 10, 2005

Conveners: Dr. Toni Frohoff, Courtney S. Vail, and Dr. Mike Bossley

Presenters: Scientists, managers, and government personnel from
approximately a
dozen countries who have worked with solitary, sociable cetaceans

Pre-registration deadline: November 21, 2005

The Workshop on the Research and Management of Solitary, Sociable
Odontocetes will be held
on Saturday, December 10th, as part of the 16th Biennial Conference on the
Biology of Marine
Mammals in San Diego, California (see http://www.marinemammalogy.org for
details). It will be convened from 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Manchester
Grand Hyatt (the
Conference site).

Although the pre-registration deadline is November 21, 2005, on-site
registration will commence
at 08:00AM, prior to the workshop if space is available. Coffee and light
refreshments will be
served. Participants will not be provided lunch, but a variety of foraging
options will be available
within the hotel during the lunch break.

Please join us for what may be the first workshop specifically designed to
discuss and identify
critical research and management needs as well as provide a forum for
increasing our knowledge
of the unique opportunities and challenges that solitary, sociable
odontocetes present – and how
we can best respond to them. This workshop will provide an invaluable
opportunity for
researchers and managers from around the world to present new case studies
and information,
share video footage, evaluate various methods, and discuss current
problems and possible
solutions. We will address the growing phenomenon of solitary, sociable
odontocetes, their
interactions with humans, and the often-conflicting management challenges
that arise in
providing for the needs of the animals and an increasing number of people
eager to interact with

Observations of solitary odontocetes who regularly engage in ‘sociable’
interactions with boaters
and swimmers appear to be increasing in many areas around the world. In
the past, these animals
have typically been small delphinids and, most commonly, bottlenose
dolphins. However, there
has been a notable growth in the occurrence of other solitary sociable
odontocetes; specifically,
orcas and beluga whales. Although these animals provide unique
opportunities for research, their
interactions with humans typically warrant immediate, intensive and
innovative methods of
management to minimize hazards to humans and the animals. The goal of this
workshop is to
provide a cohesive update and understanding to augment the relatively few
studies of these
animals that have been published and the even smaller amount of
information that is available
about their management.

On the day of the workshop, registered attendees will receive a
preliminary report that will
include the agenda for the workshop, a literature review of published
literature on the research
and management of solitary sociable cetaceans, summaries of workshop
presentations and other
relevant information. A limited number of copies of this report will be
available following the
workshop to those who were not able to attend. Following the workshop,
proceedings from the
workshop will include a summary of meeting results and recommendations
that will also be
compiled and posted for distribution. Please do not request reports at
this time as we will post
information on how they can be ordered and/or viewed via website after the

Workshop Registration forms and additional details can be found at 

If you have specific questions or comments about the workshop, feel free
to contact
Courtney Vail (courtney at wdcs.org). We thank the Society for Marine
for assistance with this workshop and for the opportunity to convene it.
See you at
the conference and at the workshop!

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