[MARMAM] The Mammals of North America, 2nd Edition by E. Raymond Hall will soon be available from The Blackburn Press

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The classic book, The Mammals of North America, 2nd Edition, by E. Raymond
Hall, 2 volumes, ISBN 1-930665-29-6, will soon be available from The
Blackburn Press.  


Order by September 30 and receive 10% off the list price of $137.95.  Credit
cards will not be charged until we ship the book.  Books will be available
mid to late October 2005.  


Enter your order now on our website
http://www.blackburnpress.com/biologybooks.html or via fax at 973-228-7276.


Reprinted here from the 1981 edition, The Mammals of North America is the
only work to provide all-inclusive information for the entire continent and
continues to be an indispensable reference source for zoologists, botanists,
entomologists, epidemiologists, parasitologists - all whose interests touch
on the native mammals.


E. Raymond Hall was one of the outstanding mammalogists of the century. The
Mammals of North America is considered to be among the most important faunal
works ever published. Hall was President of the American Society of
Mammalogists in 1940-41. He was Director of the Museum of Natural History at
the University of Kansas in Lawrence from 1944 until his retirement in 1967.


The Blackburn Press was founded with the mission of keeping in print and
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in and have declared "out-of-print."  We specialize in scientific, medical,
and technical books and textbooks.  


The Blackburn Press is interested in hearing of other titles we might
consider returning to print. Your suggestions are welcome. Thank you. 


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