[MARMAM] revised mail:chronobiological essay on marine mammal behavior

sergiounesp sergiounesp at ig.com.br
Tue Sep 13 12:47:05 PDT 2005

sergio candido de oliveira junior 
sergiounesp at ig.com.br 
for those working with marine mammal behavior: 
 is there some way to apply chronobiological analysis in behavior studies of 
cetaceans in wild environment ? any body works like that in behavior 
analysis of cetaceans ? 
the difficult of the studies on natural environment probably brings a lot of 
impossibilities at observation that , in turn , brake the continuum status 
on data. however different technics on methodological observation can brings 
a framework to make possible that occur. 
I´ve been searched information about that in 
http://www.portaldapesquisa.com.br, a brazilian data bank of cientific 
papers around the world. otherwise, I´ve been seached in scientific books 
I wait for any kind of opinion or suggestion in this subject. 

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