[Marmam] Marine Mammal GIS workshop: Registraion and call for abstract

Toshihide Hamazaki toshihide_hamazaki at fishgame.state.ak.us
Thu Sep 1 11:00:44 PDT 2005

The workshop: Application of GIS and Spatial/Temporal Modeling for Marine
Mammal Science and Management
Date: Dec. 11 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Registration fee (to cover workshop expenses): $30  
This is the second installment of the workshop held in 2003.  As this field
matures, it has become a common place to use GIS and some modeling
techniques in the marine mammal field.  This workshop is aimed to bring
people interested in the field together, exchange new ideas and
applications, and connect new comers to experts in this field.  

Topics covered are: 
1. Introduction to the GIS and Spatial/Temporal Modeling
2. Recent Development of Modeling Techniques
3. Case studies in application of modeling to improve knowledge about marine
mammals and management.
4. New directions: Modeling and beyond. 

Call for an abstract

As this workshop serves as an information exchange.  I am looking for a
potential speakers for topic 2 and 3.  If you are interested in speaking
about those, I encourage you to submit your abstract (max ~400 words).
Also, poster boards will be set at the workshop.  Please also submit your
abstract if you want to present a poster.  (As workshop is separate from the
main conference, it is permitted to bring poster that are accepted for main
conference: (i.e., double exposure to targeted audience)).
For further information & registration, please visit 

Toshihide "Hamachan" Hamazaki
Alaska Department of Fish & Game
Division of Commercial Fisheries 
Arctic-Yukon_Kuskokwim Region

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