[MARMAM] (Final) call for photos of senior scientists

Phillip Clapham Phillip.Clapham at noaa.gov
Fri Oct 28 13:00:04 PDT 2005

As I mentioned awhile back, Jim Mead, Dee Allen and I are putting
together a mostly serious plenary talk on the history of marine mammal
science for the upcoming Biennial Conference in San Diego.  Some months
back we put out a call for photographs of senior people in the field
(alive or deceased), and we had a very good response.  This is another
(final) call for more pictures of same.

We’re looking for two categories of pictures:

1) Tasteful (serious or fun) photos of senior scientists no longer with
us; and
2) Not-so-tasteful photos of living senior scientists either when they
were young and/or when they were caught on film doing something

“Senior” means whatever you want it to mean - preferably someone who’s
been around for a long time - but if the photo is particularly amusing
we’ll take it anyway!

Please email digital/scanned images to me at phillip.clapham at noaa.gov. 
And many thanks to everyone who has already contributed to this noble(?)

Phil Clapham

Phillip J. Clapham, Ph.D.
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