[MARMAM] 2nd Announcement for the Ethics in Marine Mammal Science Workshop in San Diego

Charles Littnan Charles.Littnan at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 27 17:19:15 PDT 2005

Hello Everyone-

This is the second announcement for the *2nd Biennial Workshop on Ethics 
in Marine Mammal Science (EiMMS)*. The workshop will be a full day 
affair on Sunday, December 11, 2005.

To facilitate attendance and guarantee open access, we have decided to 
make the workshop *FREE* for conference attendees. However, we would 
appreciate anyone planning on attending to contact Charles 
(charles.littnan at noaa.gov) to register.  We need to get an accurate 
headcount to ensure adequate space, handouts, and refreshments.  (To 
prevent any disappointment I will forewarn you that the lavish fare 
provided at the last workshop will not be available this time around as 
we try to stay within a pretty tight budget.)  Additional information 
and future updates can be found on the EiMMS website (recently launched 
and continually modified): http://eimms.objectis.net

If you visit the site, please register to gain access to a greater 
amount of content.  We will regularly update the agenda for the workshop 
on the EiMMS site.

*The room is starting to fill up*, so if you were holding off until the 
perfect time to sign up...well that time is *now*.

To review briefly the reasons for holding such a workshop:
Many professional scientific societies have established official ethics 
committees to educate their members on professional and research ethics, 
provide guidance when dealing with ethical issues, and, in some cases, 
set minimum standards to which members must adhere. Indeed, the European 
Cetacean Society recently voted to establish an ethics advisory 
committee (EAC) and the Society for Marine Mammalogy has established an 
ad hoc ethics committee. Despite this progress, there are few 
opportunities for education and dialogue regarding ethics in research 
and many society members may lack the resources required to help them 
identify and resolve contentious issues in their work.

The workshop is going to have numerous talks covering a wide range of 
ethics issues and the details will be covered on the website in the very 
near future.  We will be finishing the workshop with an open discussion 
of ethics, marine mammals science, and how we would like our SMM to 
develop its ethical framework.

There is still some room for *additional speakers* and we encourage 
anyone who might be interested in presenting a talk related to ethics in 
marine mammal research to contact us with a brief description of their 

This is an important topic and pivotal time in our field, be part of the 
Looking forward to seeing you in San Diego.


Charles Littnan and Dave Johnston

Charles Littnan, Ph.D.
Marine Mammal Foraging Program
Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
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