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37605STAFF RESEARCH ASSOC II (100% Career)
  Marine Physical Laboratory, Hiring Salary Range: $34,512 - $44,664/year
Reopened to: 11/07/2005
  UCSD Layoff from Career appointment or Special Selection: Apply by 
10/13/05 to be considered with preference for rehire.
- Eligible Employee Rehabilitation Program clients should call (858) 
534-6744 to discuss Special Selection.
- Layoff applicants leave a message at (858) 534-6333 or call your assigned 
Sr. Employment Advisor

This position is union represented by RX for more information go to 

Work Location: Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO).
Able to spend 30 continuous days at sea, up to 90 days/year.

Deadline extended until 11/7/05.

Full Salary Range: $34,512 - $55,536. Payroll Title: Staff Research 
Associate II.

As part of a research group studying marine mammals, analyze acoustic data, 
assist in equipment preparation and collect field data. Analyze acoustic 
data to detect marine mammal and other significant events using computer 
software tools. Coordinate assembly, order parts and conduct laboratory and 
field testing and evaluate equipment and instrument performance using 
mechanical, electronic and software tools. Make preparations for and 
execute seagoing and laboratory operations: prepare, deploy and recover 
scientific instrumentation in field and laboratory environments and assist 
in the logistics of scientific research including purchase of equipment and 
supplies and shipping/receiving of equipment. Provide direction for 
undergraduate student employees.

* Bachelors Degree in Science or Engineering or equivalent combination of 
education and experience. Working knowledge of mathematics, scientific, and 
engineering principles.
* Knowledge of Acoustics. Ability to handle oceanographic and acoustic 
equipment in an at-sea environment.
* Analysis and diagnostic skills in approaching data acquired including 
abiliity to acquire understanding of the instrumentation and oceanographic 
processes to interpret the data.
* Demonstrated capability to utilize computers and various software 
programs including MS Excel and MS Word. Ability to use Matlab and 
Solidworks software programs preferred.
* Ability to use handtools, electronic tools, soldering equipment and to 
drive a forklift.
* Detail oriented.
* Prefer knowledge of UC Shipping.

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