[MARMAM] marine mammal curriculum about the Gulf of Maine

Kara Johnson kjohnson at coa.edu
Fri Oct 21 11:31:28 PDT 2005

Dear all,

My name is Kara Johnson and I am a graduate student at College of the
Atlantic. I have written a marine science curriculum that developed out
of my thesis project about marine mammal distribution and oceanographic
processes. I am seeking high school teachers around the Gulf of Maine
that would be willing to pilot and evaluate my curriculum this coming
winter. The project is designed for grades 9-12 but can easily be
applied to marine education camps or other informal education venues
where the instructor has extended time with the students; it is composed
of six parts and is expected to take approximately one week. 
This project is an on-line curriculum for high school students around
the Gulf of Maine that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to
teach about oceanography and whale distribution. Within the curriculum,
students role-play different people that would be involved with issues
regarding whale threats in the Gulf of Maine. In the first four
sections, students use the Internet to read and research answers to
questions in a logbook. The four sections cover the Gulf of Maine's
physical shape and important features, the plants and animals in the
Gulf, data collection techniques for oceanographers and whale
biologists, and GIS technology. The students then use an on-line GIS in
the last two sections where they analyze whale and oceanography data to
create maps that support their solution to a scenario regarding whale
threats in the Gulf (the teacher selects a scenario from a few options).
I have mapped the lesson plans to State (of Maine) and National Teaching
Standards and included numerous marine resources regarding the Gulf of
Maine. In addition, there are extensions throughout the lesson plans for
teachers who would like to go more in-depth on certain topics. 
I would greatly appreciate your participation in this pilot program. I
have more detailed information about the project for those interested;
please contact me via email kjohnson at coa.edu.  
The curriculum would be on a CD (the website is not yet functional). The
teacher and class must have Internet access, and the teacher must be
willing to fill out an evaluation form that I will use to revise the
curriculum. If you are around Downeast Maine, I would also like to come
to the classroom and observe the lesson plans in action. 
Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kara Johnson
Graduate Student
Allied Whale/College of the Atlantic
kjohnson at coa.edu

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