[MARMAM] Ultrasound blubber-depth measurements

Patrick Robinson farfol at prodigy.net
Mon Oct 17 14:40:37 PDT 2005

Dear MARMAMers,

I am looking for a simple (i.e. inexpensive) portable
ultrasound instrument to measure blubber thickness on
seals and sea lions.  The existing literature on this
topic indicates the predominant use of the Scanoprobe
model (scanco, Ithaca, NY).  However, Scanco no longer
produces new units.

Two questions for you:
1.  If you currently own a Scanoprobe, are you willing
to part with it? (a fair price can certainly be
2.  Alternatively, have you had success measuring
blubber thickness with another instrument?

Thank you very much for your help,

Patrick Robinson
robinson at biology.ucsc.edu

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