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Simone Panigada simo.pani at inwind.it
Wed Oct 12 08:00:11 PDT 2005

Dear Marmam list,

the Tethys Research Institute 
(<http://www.tethys.org/>www.tethys.org) has been contracted to 
monitor cetaceans' presence and distribution in the area of the 
Stretto di Messina, between the Island of Sicily and the mainland of Italy.

The project will last 12 months and will provide baseline data on the 
species regularly using the area and on those migrating through the 
Stretto in light of the possible construction of a suspended bridge 
connecting the island and the mainland. For more information on the 
bridge, please refer to the following web page: 

We are looking for references (published papers, grey literature, 
reports, etc.) on the possible impact of manmade infrastructures on 
the distribution and movements of cetaceans. In particular we would 
like to gather information on the two different project phases:

1) infrastructure construction - these information can also derive 
from other operations (e.g. pile driving);

2) the impact of the built bridge on cetacean fauna.

At present we have found very little information, mainly on the 
possible impact of dams on river dolphins (see reference below) and 
nothing specifically on bridges.

We would be happy to provide a report of the messages received and 
post it on Marmam.

Thank you very much for your collaboration,


Margherita Zanardelli, Simone Panigada

Reeves, R. R., and S. Leatherwood. 1994. Dams and river dolphins: can 
they co-exist? Ambio 23:172-175.

Smith, B. D., and R. R. Reeves. 2000. Report of the Workshop on the 
Effects of Water Development on River Cetaceans, 26-28 February 1997, 
Rajendrapur, Bangladesh. Pp. 15-22 in R. R. Reeves, B. D. Smith and 
T. Kasuya, eds. Biology and conservation of freshwater cetaceans in 
Asia. Occasional Paper of the IUCN Species Survival Commission.

Tethys Research Institute
Viale G.B. Gadio,2
I-20121 Milan, Italy

e-mail: tethys at tethys.org 
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