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Dear Colleagues

See paper of interest below. If you would like to get involved then please 
contact Michael Coyne <mcoyne at seaturtle.org>

With kind regards


Coyne MS, Godley BJ (2005) Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT):
An Integrated System for Archiving, Analyzing and Mapping Animal
Tracking Data. Marine Ecology Progress Series 301:1-7

This article is open-access and available for download here:

ABSTRACT: Despite the obvious power and advantages of the Argos system
to track animals by satellite, the data generated are difficult for
many biologists to exploit. A broad range of skills is required to
efficiently download, collate, filter and interpret Argos data.
Integration of animal movements with other physical (e.g. remote
sensing imagery) and anthropogenic (e.g. fishery distributions)
datasets presents additional technical and computing challenges. The
Satellite Tracking and Analysis Tool (STAT) is a freely available
system designed for biologists who work on animal tracking; it includes
a set of standardized tools and techniques for data management,
analysis, and integration with environmental data. STAT logs in to the
Argos computer network each day and downloads all available locations
and associated data for each user. These data are parsed and stored in
a relational database and automatically backed up to an offsite
location. A number of data filtering options are available, including
setting maximum speed, time or distance between consecutive points,
Argos location class, and turning angle. A variety of environmental
data layers, including bathymetry, sea surface temperature, sea surface
height, ocean currents and chlorophyll, can be sampled for all
locations in the STAT database and can be downloaded and incorporated
into tracking maps and animations. STAT also facilitates collaboration
and the sharing of animal tracking information with the wider public
and funding organizations. We hope that STAT will act as a catalytic
foundation, fostering collaboration among users of satellite telemetry,
and ensuring maximum value from these studies.

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