[MARMAM] Cetacean Conservation (fwd)

MARMAM Editors marmamed at uvic.ca
Wed Oct 5 09:18:24 PDT 2005

Reply-To: edb at whalenation.org

 We are recruiting volunteers at the moment
 for the coming winter and next summer - details on
 or  www.thedolphinsoflosgigantes.org  
Would it be possible to 
circulate your members and let them know that we have education, 
 and research opportunities available on the whale watching boats in the 
Canaries. We are also particularly keen to promote the issue of captivity 
through the dolphin web site above and have covered arguments for and 
against whilst asking readers to 'vote' on the issue- if you could promote this 
to the as well we would be grateful. As always, if people need more information
ion I can be contacted on  edb at whalenation.org  

Many thanks, Ed   

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