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Mon Oct 3 06:16:58 PDT 2005

2005 SMM Biennial Conference Workshop

Taking conservation to the public: Strategies for getting the message 
out there
A workshop for educators affiliated with marine mammal viewing platforms

Saturday, December 10, in conjunction with the
Society for Marine Mammalogy's 16th Biennial Conference 
in San Diego, CA


Rationale:  The conference is a great opportunity for naturalists from 
around the world to come together to discuss how they connect people to 
their experiences on the whale watch and to conservation. This workshop 
will be designed with a discussion-based rather than lecture-based 
format. We are hoping people will share their tricks of the trade so we 
all leave with more possibilities in our bag of tricks!!!

Audience: Naturalists and educators


    * To provide a forum for naturalists to share strategies for
      educating passengers about conservation.
    * To identify themes, messages, and best practices that could be
      used aboard various marine mammal-viewing platforms.
    * To discuss ideas and approaches to educating passengers aboard
      whale or dolphin watching boats or land-based facilities.

Expected Results:

    * Naturalists will gain ideas that can be practically applied to
      their educational environments
    * Participants will gain effective outreach tactics.
    * Beginning naturalists will gain knowledge and heuristics for
      starting their own education programs aboard their marine mammal
      viewing platforms.

    * Big picture message: What is it? Can it be the same with every
      audience? How can it be delivered?


The early part of the workshop will be focused on heuristics or tricks 
of the trade. We are looking for 5 - 15 minute presentations that show 
how you get the conservation message out there. They might be lesson 
plans that can be adapted for a marine mammal-viewing platform. It might 
be games you play with passengers relating to conservation. It might be 
a simple demonstration you do. It might be your conservation talk that 
you give as a naturalist. If you have an activity you do on your 
platform that you feel successfully connects people to whales or to 
conservation, we want to learn what you do! Come and share your successes!!!

We welcome abstracts from those who would like to speak on these or 
related topics. Abstracts should include a brief description of your 
proposed topic, your experience in the field and A/V equipment needs. 
Abstracts should be e-mailed to Cynde McInnis at 
acs_ed_chair at whalelady.com <mailto:acs_ed_chair at whalelady.com> on or 
before Saturday, October 15, 2005.

As part of the workshop, we are hoping to have representative outreach 
materials available for take home that day on a CD. Those interested in 
submitting outreach materials for inclusion in our handouts or to be 
distributed at the workshop should contact us for more information.


We are now accepting registration forms. Cost for the workshop is $25. 
Registration includes handouts at the workshop, a CD-Rom with other 
workshop materials and representative outreach materials, and a 
breakfast and coffee break.

Click here for the registration form 
Registration deadline: Tuesday, November 15, 2005 (postmark date).

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