[MARMAM] last call for whales skeletons pictures

Pierre-Henry Fontaine pierrehenry at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 17 08:11:20 PST 2005

Hi, Mamaners,

I am putting the final touch to my Poster on the most common errors  
made when mounting rorquals skeletons in natural sciences museums. I  
need more pictures of rorqual skeletons:  Of the head, showing the  
jaws position, of the hyoid apparatus, the rib cage shown sideways,  
of the strenum the innominates and some views of the vertebrae,  
showing the space between them. You can send high rersolution  
pictures, in 4x6 format. I am prparing a catalog of the errors. made  
in various museums. to have with me at the biennale. . Thanks in  
advance    Pierre Henry Fontaine, Curator, Musée du Squelette, Ile- 
Verte Québec, Canada

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