[MARMAM] 1st Lampedusa Marine Mammals Workshop

Giorgia Comparetto giorgia.comparetto at tin.it
Thu Nov 17 23:41:54 PST 2005

We would like to inform you that from on March 10 to April 7 th 2006 on the Lampedusa Island
 it will be held  1st. Lampedusa Marine Mammals Workshop. 

The event is organized by the NECTON in collaboration with the Agrigento Regional Province , 
the Genoa Aquarius  , The Lampedusa   Dolphins Research Center  and the Sicily Wildlife Fund.
The courses of weekly duration will be kept at biologists and sea ecologists with pluriannual experience .  
For further information we invite you to visit the site www.necton.it 
or to contact us to the address info.necton at email.it  
Giorgia Comparetto  
Lampedusa Dolphins  Reseach Center 
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