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Dolphin Research Courses 
“Be part of the BDRI while playing a part in the Conservation and Research of Dolphins and their Environment. Live on, contribute to, learn about, travel to and explore


Each year the BDRI offer a unique chance to observe the complex social life and behaviour of a coastal mediterranean bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) population in their natural environment. The courses will be held at the BDRI field station in Golfo Aranci (Mediterranean Sea - Sardinia Island- Italy). 


The courses are run in the forms of a 6 & 12-days, exclusive research courses. And, as a research course with the BDRI, you will have the opportunity to learn about these animals and their marine environment first hand, working closely alongside a dedicated and knowledgeable team of biologists whilst at the same time providing crucial support for the research project itself.


Dedicated to those who are interesting to participate to marine mammals research and conservation campaigns. It is open to anyone age 18 and above, with no special prerequisites concerning research experience or languages. Instead, interest in dolphin research, enthusiasm are required.


The BDRI carries out a variety of research courses throughout the year. Volunteering with the BDRI gives an insight into the workings of a research team, and provides valuable experience in a wide range of areas including scientific data collection, analysis and presentation; giving public talks and much more. 

Students gain hands-on experience during the boat surveys studying the Sardinian bottlenose dolphin population. Volunteers assist with observations of wild dolphin behaviors, bioacoustic and photo-identification. In addition, students learn how to gather physical and biological data onboard using a variety of scientific tools.


In the research base students learn about photo-identification, behavioral analysis, and acoustical analysis. Lectures given on topics in Research methods occur throughout the research courses period. To ensure individualised instructions the number of participants will be limited (max. 6 students per week). A certificate of attendance will be handed over at the end of the course. 


For the next year 2006 New Courses are planned, the info, fees and dates are:

-Bottlenose Dolphin general research course. (Spring, Summer & Fall)

-Bottlenose Dolphin interaction with marine fish farms. (Spring & Fall)NEW

-Bottlenose Dolphin photoidentification & social structure. (Spring, Summer & Fall) NEW

-Bottlenose Dolphin interaction with small scale fisheries & bycatch.(Fall) NEW

-Bottlenose Dolphin bioacoustic, nocturnal behaviour & respiratory patterns. (Summer & Fall) NEW


The course fee (between 350 and 450 Euro (6days) & 600 and 800 Euro (12 days) will cover you for all your accommodation and food costs in the base, seminars fee, and all associated field costs during your stay with us. You'll simply need to arrange your own travel iterinary to us in Golfo Aranci (see How to reach the BDRI), plus any personal spending money. 


BDRI volunteers should sign a statement where they accept the research and working conditions taking full responsibility for the risks. Moreover, the volunteer is in charge of providing an insurance that covers the risks of the student itself when engaged in the field work. 


Application Procedure

Read through the research courses information carefully in the BDRI's Website:




Decide what course interests you, take note of any dates that may be specified, and whether there is availability on the project. Also read through the How to reach the BDRI section to see if it is practical for you to come up and volunteer.

When you have found a project you would like to volunteer for and followed the links to find out more about that project, please fill in, copy and send the application form present in our website to our Volunteer Co-ordinator at the BDRI, to confirm availabilty, then we will send you an confirmation and the booking instructions separately. 


Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute, does not practice unlawful discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, sex or sexual preference.

If you are interested in the course, or for further information, please follow the links above or feel free to contact us:




Email: B_D_R_I at yahoo.com

Tel: + 39 346 0815414


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