[MARMAM] 3rd Biennial Marine Mammal Garage Sale

Volker Deecke deecke at zoology.ubc.ca
Thu Nov 3 10:52:48 PST 2005

Well, friends…

…it’s hard to believe that two more years have passed. Florida’s 
manatees have spent two more winters snuggled up in the warm water 
plumes of nuclear power plants. California’s male sea otters have wasted 
two more breeding seasons trying to copulate with anything that moves. 
Rogue packs of killer whales have brought everything in the North 
Pacific two years closer to extinction. And what do we have to show for 
it? Two more years’ worth of clutter on our computer monitors and our 
mantelpieces. Two more years’ worth of thoughtful gifts from your 
neighbours’ trip to Cabo and your mum’s troubling addiction to eBay. Two 
more years for the charming objets d’art that you bought in Greensboro 
to begin to seem, well, not so much fun and charming, as sad, really, 
and two years older.

Sound familiar? Do you have the very pieces of cetacean clutter 
described? Looking for a sucker to foist them upon and run? Search no 
further, and allow us to introduce:

    Third International Marine Mammal Extravaganza:
    The Orderly Garage (sale) Opportunity (TIMME: TO GO)

to be held at the 16th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine 
Mammals this December. Bring your marine mammal merchandise to our table 
at the conference. And, of course, when you drop off your blue whale 
lava lamp, who could blame you if something else catches your eye? Get 
in touch with your inner bower bird, and snatch up a tropical delphinid 
snowglobe with which to decorate your desk. Come find the very holiday 
gifts you are praying to eschew and give them to other, less suspecting 
and more vulnerable “friends” and colleagues.

    Volker Deecke Marine Mammal Research Unit, UBC
    Ari Shapiro, WHOI,
    Rob Williams, SMRU, University of St. Andrews

P.S.: After all, we didn't go into marine mammal science for the money 
or the glory. Clearly, it’s for the accessories

Volker Deecke, Ph.D.

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