[MARMAM] 34th EAAM Symposium

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Wed Nov 2 13:45:16 PST 2005

Posted on behalf of Niels van Elk, President-Elect of the EAAM.

Jaap van der Toorn
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 34th annual conference of the European Association of Aquatic Mammals
(EAAM) is scheduled from 17th until 20th of March 2005. Oltremare will host
the conference on its premises in Riccione, Italy.

The EAAM is an organization of people interested in marine mammals in human
care, in a zoological environment or in the wild, and includes
veterinarians, biologists, zoo and marine park directors and managers,
trainers (husbandry professionals), researchers, students and other persons
who devote a significant amount of time to the welfare of marine mammals
through research, medical care, training, education, conservation,
management and related activities.

During the conference you can present the results of your work with marine
mammals during a fifteen minute presentation or by a poster presentation.
All topics related to marine mammal science and husbandry will be
acceptable: conservation, education, medicine, practical aspects of
husbandry, et cetera. However, for the 34th Symposium, EAAM specially
encourages presentations that highlight the benefits science has from the
possibility to research marine mammal populations under human care. The
deadline for abstract submission is the 23rd of December 2005. An electronic
abstract submission form is available on the conference website.

Details on the conference program, the location,  the workshop, guest
speakers (Dr Sam Ridgway, Dr Joseph Geraci and Professor Guido Dehnhard),
hotel reservations, registration and transportation are available on the
conference website http://www.parcoltremare.it/commonfiles/eaam/eaam.php .

For all your further questions please contact:

Mrs Rita Tornari
Oltremare Srl
Via Ascoli Piceno 6
47838 Riccione (RN)
Tel. ++ 39 0541-4271
Fax.++ 39 0541-427101

Looking very much forward to meeting you next spring in Riccione!

Niels van Elk
President Elect EAAM
Strandboulevard Oost1
3841 AB Harderwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: ++ 31 341 467 456
E mail: eaam at dolfinarium.nl

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