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And if you cannot attend this in-person workshop, Bill Bolstad, author of 
"Introduction to Bayesian Statistics" (Wiley Pub.), will offer an online 
short course in Bayesian statistics Oct. 21-Nov. 18.  There are no set 
hours when you must be online. and you can interact with the instructor 
over a period of 4 weeks via a private discussion board.  The course should 
require about 10 hours per week.  Details and registration at 
http://www.statistics.com/content/courses/bayesian/index.html .

-- Peter Bruce

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>Announcing an introductory workshop on Bayesian statistics held prior to
>the 16th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals.
>The use of Bayesian statistical methods is increasing in marine mammal
>studies, as well as in other areas of science.  How do these methods
>differ from traditional statistics?  Does a Bayesian analysis produce a
>"better" answer?  If you've heard or read of Bayesian statistics but
>aren't sure what it's all about, come to this workshop for an
>introduction to the basic ideas.
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