[Marmam] Help us to save this bottlenose dolphin

Pedro Fruet pfruet at yahoo.com.br
Tue Aug 30 08:30:58 PDT 2005



Our team is conducting photo-id surveys of a small population (n= 82) bottolenose dolphins at Patos Lagoon Estuary, Rio Grande, Brazil. Until recently, fisheries were thought not to harm bottlenose dolphins in this area. However, a recent investigation has suggested an increase in the number of bottlenose dolphins washed ashore with evidence of interactions with fishing operations (i.e. carcasses with net marks and mutilations or dolphins alive with nets associate on their bodies) and this population probably is declining. Early this year we had photographed a dolphin with a piece of net entangled around its body (between the head and the dorsal fin) with no apparent harm. However,  it seems that that dolphin is still growing and the net is penetrating deep into the animals’ body, living nasty wounds (in case any of you want to see the photo, please contact me through the e.mail  pfruet at yahoo.com.br)

We would like to know if any of you has experienced something similar. We are not sure what to do and would appreciate very much to hear suggestions.

Thank you very much,

Biól. Pedro F.Fruet 
Museu Oceanográfico de Rio Grande/
Laboratório de Mamíferos Marinhos
End:Rua Heitor Perdigão, n 10.
Cidade de Rio Grande, RS, Brasil.
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