[Marmam] reunion of tunaboat observers

William Perrin William.Perrin at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 29 11:37:38 PDT 2005

A reunion of tunaboat observers will be held Thursday evening, 15 
December, from 7 to 11pm at the Southwestern Yacht Club on San Diego 
Bay, in connection with the 16 Biennial Conference on the Biology of 
Marine Mammals.  The U.S. observer program started in the mid-1960s and 
extended into the 1990s. Ex-observers, family, friends and interested 
marine mammalogists are welcome.  Tickets must be reserved in advance.  
Cost will be $42 per person.  This will cover a buffet dinner (sea bass 
and prime rib), dessert, tax, tip, liquor license, and rental of hall, 
bar, bartender, carver, linens, and audiovisual equipment.  There will 
be a cash bar.  Parking will be free.   The Southwestern Yacht Club is 
approximately a $10-15 taxi ride from the Hyatt.  We may also try to 
arrange some carpooling or a bus for conference attendees without 
wheels.  So far, approximately 90 have indicated they will attend.  For 
information or reservations, contact Bill Perrin 
(william.perrin at noaa.gov ).  Sponsors are also welcome.
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